We Pay Property Management Referral Fees

Do you have clients who have tried selling their homes but are currently considering the rental market as an alternative?

Or maybe you have recently sold real estate to someone who now needs property management services.

If so, please consider recommending Big Dog Property Management. We offer some of the highest property management referral fees in the business!

If the referred property is vacant and Big Dog Property Management lists it for rent (and under contract to manage it as well), we will pay to you a referral fee in the amount of 50% of one full month’s rent upon the tenant taking possession of the property. If the referred property is leased at the time of referral, we will pay you a referral fee in the amount of $300.00 as soon as our management agreement has been signed by the property owner.

Big Dog Property Management is a property management firm, exclusively, and we respect the Law of Agency. While we cannot enforce which Realtor a client ultimately decides to use to buy or sell, we encourage clients to contact the Realtor that referred them to our firm. We recommend that referring Realtors maintain an active relationship with their referrals to help preserve and protect their relationship.

Ready to start the process?  If so, please visit our “Forms” page and download the “Complete Property Management Referral Agreement“.  Once you complete the form and return to us (via fax or email), we will make contact with your client as a means of introduction, and to answer any questions they may have.

We Buy Property Management Accounts

Is it time for you to move on, retire or get out of property management all together?  If your portfolio meets our criteria, Big Dog Property Management would be interested in discussing a buy-out of your management accounts and portfolio.  Give us a call and let’s talk!  (919) 694-6400 ext. 7